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Working to Ensure Ongoing Maximum Benefit of Membership

    Quarterly Blog by Deb Schultz- GPHR, SPHR & LASHRM Past President

    Joining our local LASHRM Chapter is an individual decision, and we thank for taking action to do so.  So too is your individual decision regarding your level of involvement in the chapter’s regular meetings and related activities – rich with opportunity!  Last month’s meeting by presenter Terry Visger on the power of storytelling as an organizational tool led to interesting discussions with fellow members around ways to apply storytelling in their own work environments, and it caused me to reflect on how fortunate we are, just by attending a monthly meeting, to be urged to higher levels of thinking and creativity – applicable through customization to our own work places.  Consider the growth opportunities to:

    • Take just one & a half hours to share common ground with a diverse group – all with similar passion around HR;
    • Mix with generations, experience different methods of communication and approaches, and vision innovative and creative ventures we can massage to take back to our organization;
    • Tap refreshed ways of thinking to address issues at work -laying the foundation to energize ourselves and others around key concepts, knowing we all face similar challenges;
    • Take the ‘best of the best’ to further discuss with others and explore ways to modify based on our own company culture;
    • Blend the best of chapter members as resources – tried, true methodologies through experience as well as fresh, new approaches and ideas to brainstorm with one another; and
    • Carry on the conversation through connecting with one another outside the meeting, or through joining a networking group.

    In addition, these opportunities for personal and professional enrichment might also encourage each of us to consider leadership involvement and succession with regard to LASHRM committees and board roles.

    There’s a great deal to ‘take away’ and ‘take to the next level’ from each monthly meeting if you choose to ‘raise the roof,’ ‘take the lid off’ and ‘capture myriad nuggets of wisdom’ to explore and apply in the way that works for you and your organization.  Make the most of your attendance, engage fully, and don’t miss an opportunity to attend – it’s a rich complement to your own growth and the influence you can have in your organization!

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