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Growing Forward with LASHRM!

    Quarterly Blog by Deb Schultz- GPHR, SPHR & LASHRM Past President

    Impact & growth via HR networking, supporting and engaging!  It’s right within your reach!

    LASHRM truly is an outstanding chapter – thanks to a strong foundation of members who have interest in the profession and in enriching themselves through connections with one another.  Here are a few quick ways to enhance our chapter and extend your relationship to the chapter and the HR profession even more solidly:

    1. ‘Member get a member!’  Please consider supporting this opportunity for easy involvement.   Each one of us must know someone in HR who is not currently a member of our chapter.  Consider inviting him or her to attend a meeting –or to move right to action:  join!  We look forward to enhanced new member results!

    2. SHRM Foundation Fundraiser:  Easy participation available on September 17th during our regular monthly meeting.  ‘Bid and buy’ to support the SHRM Foundation and our chapter’s contribution to the Foundation.  

    3. WISHRM State Conference – Madison – October 15-17, 2014:  Attend and volunteer!  Our chapter benefits when our LASHRM members attend and volunteer!  Easy tasks such as serving as an usher in presentations, a guide, helping out in the bookstore, speaker introductions, registrations and more!  Check out conference information online!

    4. Join a LASHRM Committee – Check out our website and know that we can always benefit from diversity of thought and ideas!

    All of this helps differentiate you!  Get involved, volunteer and benefit!  We look forward to your ongoing and enhanced involvement in LASHRM!!  Thank you in advance from your LASHRM Board!

    BONUS:  As follow-up to our excellent recruiting panel and exchange on August 20, here are a couple of additional effective/favorite interview questions to add to your repretoire.  Current LASHRM President (Miranda Eisermann), President-Elect (Karen Kouba) and I recently attended the WISHRM Leadership Conference at Lake Lawn Resort in Delavan.  Keynote Frank Hojnacki of HR Value Partners, LLC (formerly VP-HR at Eaton Cooper Power Systems) presented around a passion of his, and one likely of interest to many of us: EQ.  He also shared a couple of outstanding interview questions::

    • What is your process to building a relationship?(Frank keys in to hear something along these lines - establishing a personal connection; investing in the emotional bank accounts of others without expecting anything in return-Covey)

    • How do you know when you’re stressed out? What do you do about it? (Frank puts real focus on the second part of the question; OK to recognize it; more importantly, what do you do about it?)

    Being in HR positions us in a great place in our organizations and allows us to offer great perspective – share it and grow forward!

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