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The Reward and Challenge in Knowledge Management!

    Quarterly Blog by Deb Schultz- GPHR, SPHR & LASHRM Past President

    For you, for your organization, for LASHRM!  The collective opportunity we have to connect with one another, share insights with one another, gather feedback from one another and experience personal and professional gain is profound!  Tap every bit you can by engaging fully in your chapter and with your colleagues to maximum benefit!  It’s all about knowledge management!

    For LASHRM, the turn of the calendar from year to year offers transition for the chapter as a new slate of officers steps up to assume their volunteer leader role as other Board members roll on with their term or as they have reached the end of their term.  That transition for volunteer leadership likens to what we encourage and stage (or what we should do) for our organizations and for our personal involvements.  Think of it as onboarding and exiting – we should gather the data, and then we should action plan around key findings.  Following are some additional nuggets of takeaway about Knowledge Management – Capturing Your Employees’ Knowledge and Expertise:

    1. Knowledge management is part of overall talent management.It’s simply another ‘rib’ on an umbrella – a component part.  Knowledge management feeds succession management, high potential identification, leadership development, employee growth and development and so on.  Have you candidly discussed and addressed the connections and opportunities?  

    2. Step up to what you know and acknowledge what offers opportunity:

      1. Review best practices for building a knowledge management culture

      2. Develop a business case for knowledge management

      3. Develop methods for assessing an organization’s knowledge management needs

      4. Determine a knowledge management strategy that fits the organization’s needs – it’s talent management umbrella.

    Being in HR positions us in a great place in our organizations and allows us to offer great perspective – share it and grow forward!

    Critically, whether on a chapter, organizational or personal/professional level – knowledge management is so important – here are some of the whys and related best practices:

    Why Knowledge Management is Important:

    *An explosion of information

    *Increasing complexity of work

    *Changing demographics

    *Unplanned turnover of key employees; shortage of key talent

    *Need for improved productivity and efficiencies.

    Who can’t agree?  And consider these Knowledge Management best practices:

    *Senior management owns/drives the initiative linked to the organization’s business plan

    *Senior management spends time on knowledge management

    *CEO holds direct reports accountable for knowledge management activities

    *Process begins with business strategy and plans – part of plan for workforce capacity

    *Plan integrates knowledge requirements into performance management

    *Create clear metrics

    *Train managers in knowledge management techniques

    *Hold managers accountable

    *Have a professional development process

    *Establish an organizational value for sharing knowledge

    Whether this is jump-start, reinforcement or the start of a new process – and whether you were inserting the word chapter, organizational or personal/professional as you frame of reference for growth and development – let knowledge management be your charge!

    To our LASHRM Chapter – best wishes to those leaving their Board terms, continued success to those who will continue fulfilling their term, and to those entering a volunteer leader role – we have great expectations!  LASHRM is a great, great chapter rich with many outstanding members with outstanding interests and abilities.  It has been my pleasure to serve you!