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Do you Face Any of These Issues?

    Quarterly Blog by Miranda Eisermann, LASHRM Past President

    Do you Face Any of These Issues?

    By: Miranda Eisermann, Past President & Tracy Schams, President-Elect


    • Employees mistrust management’s decisions or question how they are made.

    • You struggle explaining to the employee base the “why” behind your organization’s financial and strategic direction.  

    • You are excited to be invited to your organization’s strategy meeting, but once the CFO starts to review the P&L your eyes start to glaze over.

    • You don’t fully understand the big picture and how it determines business strategy.


    If you answered “yes” to any of the above statements you need to attend this workshop! 


    Human Resource Professionals can better support organizational initiatives and objectives if they understand the rationale behind management decisions and realize how they can add to the company’s success.  Unfortunately many don’t always understand how and why business decisions are made.  In this engaging business simulation, you will run a business hands-on to realize how the decisions you make every day may impact the business you support. 

    Specifically, you will be on a team that is involved in all aspects of running a business from the ground up which will allow you to view business from the perspective of an owner and provide you training to help you understand the “whys” behind management decisions.  This will grant you the ability to make better job decisions because you know and understand the big picture view of the business.  This training is competitive, fun, exciting, and very eye opening.


    Sign up today!!

    LASHRM Symposium – Making Sense of Business: Simulation


    When: Wednesday, May 20, 2015

    Where: Lunda Center, Western Technical College, La Crosse, WI

    Time: 8 AM – 4 PM (7:30 AM Registration/Breakfast – Lunch @ 12-12:30 PM)

    Cost: $100 for LASHRM Members (a $75 savings)

    $175 Non-Members

    $75 Students

    Making Sense of Business – Tell me more:

    In this day long workshop, participants become entrepreneurial executives, teams become corporate giants, and the classroom becomes an entire industry. Teams decide what prices to set, whether to increase capacity, how much money to borrow, what R&D to pursue, and how to improve prices, cost structure, and cash flow. The business simulation models the real world, enabling participants to see their decisions' impact on other departments, the ability to make future decisions, and the company’s bottom line results. Learners come away with an enhanced business readiness to take initiatives in everyday activities, leading to reductions in costs, inventories, and working capital; and enhanced understanding of how and why their everyday decisions and actions impact other areas of the company.


    • Business has its own language, and this program is designed to help everyone communicate in the common language of the business. Many HR professionals have no idea what their looking at when reviewing a P&L. If we want a seat at the table we need to be a value add when we get invited.

    • Build your business vocabulary… know what you’re looking for when reviewing your organization’s financial statements understand the whole business and how it works.

    • The workbook clarifies business visualization, and offers participants the opportunity to come back and refresh their learning. In business visualization, you gain an enhanced way of seeing the interconnectedness of business ideas and concepts.

    • Participants are part of all the interconnections; their decisions impact all other departments (production, finance, marketing & sales, etc.) — and the business as a whole — probably more than they realize.

    • This program allows participants to see more clearly where they “stand on the board,” and how they impact organizational results. This in turn allows them to make better decisions, by anticipating the impacts more accurately.

    Facilitator: John D. Lake, Jr.

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