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Volunteer Leaders

    Volunteer Leaders

    By: Miranda Eisermann, Past President

    Consider the benefits, whether personal or professional, to involvement through volunteering:

    Learn or develop a new skill – Continue adding to your repertoire!  There is no reason for any of us to stop adding to our knowledge base, and it’s never too late, or too early, to learn new skills.  Volunteering can be the perfect way to develop a new skill; for example, planning and implementing a fundraising event can develop goal setting, planning, communicating, networking and budgeting skills.

    Foster new ideas – An effective leader is a good facilitator who makes it easy and comfortable for others to share new ideas, and for departments, teams or boards to actively consider, discuss, study and determine next steps in detail.  Being a good steward of new ideas can help your organization remain vibrant, dynamic and ever evolving.

    Boost your career options – Does your organization source and value candidates with volunteering experience?  If not, perhaps we should provide and encourage that consideration.  If you, or someone you are coaching, are considering a career change, volunteering is the perfect way to explore new fields and to learn new skills.  Expand your portfolio!

    Differentiate you and your resume – Set yourself apart from the crowd!  Volunteering says a great deal about your character, drive and dedication.  Think of how these accomplishments demonstrate initiative, personal ambition, the ability to work hard and leadership skills!

    Be part of your community – We sometimes take for granted the community in which we work and/or live.  You can start by joining us on One Day to Make a Difference. We are looking for volunteers to assist the Kane Street Community Gardens on Monday – August 31st on the 800 block of Kane Street South Side of railroad tracks.  The group will receive a tour and assist in the harvest from 3:00-5:00 PM. Welcome to bring your friends and family as well. It will be a perfect day for the kids to give back to the community before they start school. The more the merrier. If you can spare up to an hour or two to give back to our community as a member of our professional organization or donate an item or gift card to our Silent Auction Event in September to support the SHRM foundation.

    Yes, volunteerism is one of the richest forms of education and career development enhancing corporate involvement, leadership skills on a personal and professional level, and succession or business continuity.  Combined, this can all lead your organization, non-profit affiliation or SHRM chapter to greater success!  Join in – and give our LASHRM leadership succession a lift!

    Volunteering to serve in a leadership capacity for the LASHRM chapter comes with many great benefits.

    All LASHRM Board Members

    • Free local dues.

    • Free WISHRM State Conference registration reimbursement with the provision of staffing at least one volunteer slot at the WISHRM conference.

    • Free WISHRM Leadership Conference registration reimbursement.

    • Volunteer Leader Discount for the Annual SHRM Conference.

    • Rewarding Regular’s Card

    • Free registration to LASHRM Symposium

    • If receive Early Bird rate for State Conference, the pre-conference fee would also be included as reimbursable if board member wanted to attend

    Join our LASHRM Board for 2016 – Below are our Board openings:

    • President Elect (3 Year Term/President/Past President) – Responsible for monthly programming.

    • Secretary (2 Year Term) – Responsible to meeting minutes and agendas for monthly board meeting.

    • At-Large Certification (2 Year Term) – Responsible for the certification study program.

    • At-Large Workforce Readiness (2 Year Term – Responsible for local community activities such as career fairs.

    • Vice President of Membership (2 Year Term) – Responsible for new members

    Contact Miranda Eisermann or 608-787-7250– LASHRM Past President if you have any questions or what to get more involved.