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Supporting the SHRM Foundation

    Volunteer Leaders

    By: Miranda Eisermann, Past President

    The La Crosse Area Society of Human Resource Management had our silent auction event in September and we able to raise over $1000 to support the SHRM foundation. We had over 40 items to bid on from organizations around the community. I want to thank all of the organizations and members who were involved in making this event a huge success.

    Supporting the causes we believe in can be challenging in today’s world as there are many important causes and things we want to support. As parents we want to support our children’s school which if you have more than one child in different schools you might be supporting many different schools. If you’re involved in a church you may donate to your church on a regular basis. Everyone has known someone with cancer or other medical condition so we want to take time to support these cures as well. It can be tough as individuals to financially balance where and when to support all of the different areas.

    Having a silent auction event for our SHRM Foundation event has helped improve our SHRM foundation contributions. LASHRM is always looking for new and innovative ways to make changes and support the SHRM foundation.