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    Workforce Center-Bridging the Gap

    Date: April 19, 2017, 11:30am
    Moxie's, Wisconsin Room
    1835 Rose St., La Crosse, WI
    $12 (LASHRM Members) $20 (Non-members)
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    Engaging with the Public Workforce System

    Teresa Pierce, Executive Director Workforce Connections

    Explore the public workforce development system to discover how it operates, key partnerships, and what strategies HR professionals can use to recruit and retain candidates from key populations served by the system.

    Objective 1:  To briefly outline the history of the public workforce system, and how it has transformed into to the America’s Job Center system that it is today.   

    Objective 2:  Provide a summary of the services and programs available at the Job Center including services for the disabled population, the low income population, the corrections population, veterans, the dislocated worker and the general job seeker population.   

    Objective 3:  Explore how businesses can effectively coordinate with the Job Center partners to tap into potential labor pools and services.

    Objective 4:  Outline strategies HR professionals can use to better recruit candidates from these pools for their workforce.

    Objective 5:  Outline strategies or internal adjustments businesses can use to retain these populations within their workforce.

    Workforce Center - Bridging the Gap, April 19, 2017